Room & Board contacted Softline Brand Partners looking for components for the Lars Chair. This luxury wood and leather piece would soon grace the cover of their catalog, but first they needed a source for cut and sewn leather components. We worked with their teams and our tanneries to find a sturdy, furniture worthy leather that would age well while also being comfortable.

The Lars Chair project expanded our experience in sourcing materials beyond leather and other fabric. It increased our capabilities as a manufacturer and made us master our supply chain from top to bottom. We worked diligently to find the right vendors and manufacturing partners to create a fantastic piece.

Expansion – Accessory Manufacturer

The relationship expanded when Room & Board gave us the opportunity to develop and manufacture new accessories and home decor collections. We designed pieces out of leather, canvas, and felt for the home and office. We continue to iterate and work with Room and Board on this collection.

Softline has created a wide range of products including totes bags, leather and canvas pouches, magazine slings, valet trays, storage baskets, wall hook and organizers, and furniture components. Our design team creates new samples each quarter to add to their collection, and Softline collaborates with Room and Board to ensure each piece fits with the brand. Softline’s teams have evolved to make us a premium furniture and accessory manufacturer for Room & Board.


Our process has developed into an efficient sampling and manufacturing operation, shortening lead times and ensuring that there is a steady stream of new products for Room & Board’s customers.¬†Decreasing time from ideation to market is at the core of how Softline has changed the standard manufacturing experience. We have focused on improving the service while providing quick turnaround and quality product.

This partnership with Room & Board has been exciting and we truly enjoy working with several of their teams.

Accessory Manufacturer

"As comfortable as it is beautiful."
Our work is well-appreciated by Room & Board's customers.

"We have found Softline to be innovative, flexible and accommodating. Essentially, they have taken on all the challenges issued and have come back with great solutions."
-Gene, Director of Vendor Management at Room & Board

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