Softline Brand Partners is a full-service contract manufacturer of leather goods (bags, belts, small leather goods, watch straps, and components), accessories, home goods, and industrial components. We are a vertically integrated manufacturing firm and have world-class design and build capabilities under one roof.

We offer end-to-end supply chain solutions from product design & development, raw material sourcing, manufacturing, production management, QA/QC, to freight and logistics. Learn more about our services.

Manufacturing Locations

Softline owns and operates domestic factories in several states. Our headquarters is in Minneapolis, MN. We also manufacture overseas and have plants located in: China, Vietnam, India, and Mexico. 

Who We Work With

Softline works with the most recognizable brands from venture backed startups to Fortune 500 companies. We look to build long lasting relationships that span decades. We look to partner with customers that have growth oriented plans. We have taken companies from 5,000 units a month to over 1,000,000 units in under 18 months.

We Buy Factories 

Softline Brand Partners actively acquires domestic and overseas factories. We have successfully acquired and integrated at least one factory every year that we have been in business. We look to create lasting relationships with your team, management, customers, and community. If you are interested in selling your factory, click here to learn more. 

Our Process

Our end-to-end manufacturing process

You can always expect a dedication to
quality, execution & experience.


At every stage of the design and manufacturing process, our experienced professionals ensure that quality is the name of the game. We look for quality everywhere, from where we source our materials to the research that kicks off each project.


It’s not just about having a good idea—it’s about bringing that idea to fruition. That takes experience and knowledge, but it also takes professionals who know what has to happen in order to deliver the very best.


At the root of our service quality is experience. Simply put, our professionals have the know-how to get the job done. We also cultivate relationships with providers so that we can offer our own brand partners exactly what they need.

"Softline consistently delivers high-quality product on schedule and on budget. From custom projects to large orders of millions of units, we trust Softline to help make our business successful."
Zachary, CEO of Love Your Melon
"We've worked with Softline for 4+ years on a broad range of projects from 100 units to over 20,000. They are our go-to not just for production, but have become a sounding board and a trusted partner."
Rishi, Co-Founder and CEO of Bespoke Post
"Softline Brand Partners has played an integral role in the launch of the Leesa Sleep blanket program. From manufacturing and development, to managing our fulfillment- they have taken the heavy lifting off of our team and continue to be a useful resource."
Jamie, Co-Founder of Leesa Sleep
"We have found Softline to be innovative, flexible and accommodating. Essentially, they have taken on all the challenges issued and have come back with great solutions."
Gene, Director of Vendor Management at Room & Board