Softline is a Proven Overseas Manufacturer with decades of experience.

Softline began as a domestic contract manufacturer but today we provide overseas manufacturing and contract sewing in our factories in China, Mexico, India, Vietnam, Europe, and Central America. Our decades of experience as an overseas manufacturer and proven process allows us to serve customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the largest fashion companies.

We understand the traditional pain points of overseas manufacturing: lead times, communication, quality, logistics, and service. We also know what it is like to take that first leap of faith and start manufacturing overseas. We are here to help every step of the way.

We excel due to our extensive offshore manufacturing and sourcing experience. Our team will take you through each step from sourcing to sampling, production and ultimately, logistics. We work directly with tanneries, weavers, mills, and hardware manufacturers to have complete control over the supply chain.

Our full-time Overseas team exclusively manages our overseas operations that includes quality, assurance, and all transportation. Our overseas plants can easily handle higher volume and price-sensitive work while maintaining top quality standards.

Sampling – We will work with you to understand your product and can often make a sample in our domestic plant for you to approve prior to sending overseas. This can cut down on the lead time of an overseas sample. This is product dependent as some items cannot be made in the USA. Our team will work with your design team to understand your tech-packs and spec prior to creation.

Production – Softline provides a world class overseas production experience. It starts with communication. Project Managers from our team will work with you to match lead times, procure material, schedule production, and conduct QA/QC testing prior to shipment.

Logistics – We take the guesswork out of moving goods. Our experienced logistics team will import the items and take care of the paperwork, customs documents, and freight.

Consider Softline Brand Partners for your next overseas manufacturing project. We will deliver.

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We are a trusted manufacturer for some of the world's most iconic companies:

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All the benefits of overseas manufacturing without the headache.

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