Current Openings

Decoration Specialist

Full Time Leather Worker

Embroidery Specialist

Leather Sewer

Junior Project Manager

We are constantly looking for talent in the following areas and roles: software engineering, project managers, key account managers, designers and sample makers, experienced sewers, pattern makers, and factory operators.

If you are interested in dynamic careers in the manufacturing and design world and think you’d be a good fit, please email your resume and cover letter to

We Believe in People.

Fast paced, innovative, performance driven careers. Sound good to you? Softline Brand Partners believes that the best team wins. We make room for key and unique talent and always are accepting applications.

Softline is an unconventional, modern manufacturing firm that serves the fastest growing and largest companies in the world from our headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the service that many factories lack and the factory direct prices that brokers cannot provide. Part of how we do this is by hiring the right people.

What We Look For:

Softline looks for dynamic people who will add something to our team. It can be a skill, a perspective, ideas, or something else. We don’t have a specific “type” of person that we hire or set of college majors that are required for each job.

We seek hard workers who are willing to learn, grow, and push themselves and their colleagues to be the very best. We want people who will face challenges head on, persist when they meet a roadblock, and problem solve when presented with new and difficult situations.

Softline has also created a fun, flexible environment that allows our employees to balance their work with their personal lives. We understand that our employees have lives outside of work and seek to support them in any way possible. We offer opportunities to volunteer to the community, paid time off, and competitive benefits.