Welcome to Samples as a Service –
A program designed to help bring your ideas to life

Welcome to the forefront of product development innovation with Softline Brand Partners’ Samples as a Service. We recognize the challenges of launching a new product, particularly for small businesses and entrepreneurs. That’s why we’ve created this sample-making program to be equally beneficial for both first-time entrepreneurs and large, established companies and brands.
Let us help you bring your vision to life.

Elevate Your Vision with Expert Sample Making

What you gain with our sample maker expertise

At the heart of our Samples as a Service (SaaS) program lies the exceptional talent of our professional sample makers. With a solid foundation in manufacturing-first principles, our team excels in crafting designs that are not only innovative but also production-ready, ensuring a seamless transition from sample to market-ready product.

Experience the benefits of not just one but two meticulously crafted physical samples designed to meet and surpass your specifications. Our comprehensive service package includes two design consultations, a detailed bill of materials that outlines material consumption, and strategic sourcing recommendations. Our goal is to equip you with everything necessary to transform your vision into a market-ready reality.

Seamless Process, From Vision to Reality

How our sample-making service works

The process begins with a simple 15-minute call, allowing us to exchange ideas and gather essential information about your project. This initial step helps us craft a tailored project cost and send you a detailed Scope of Work (SOW) for approval.

Following the SOW approval and payment, we schedule a 60-minute design consultation with one of our seasoned sample makers. This is where your vision starts taking shape. Utilizing materials from our extensive inventory, we create your first sample, ensuring every detail aligns with your specifications.

After reviewing the first sample, a second 30-minute consultation is arranged to refine and finalize any necessary adjustments. We then proceed with producing your second, final sample, accommodating any specific material preferences you might have. Additional costs for special materials are clearly communicated and invoiced accordingly.

With the final payment settled, your sample is promptly shipped along with a Bill of Materials
and sourcing recommendations.

It’s a straightforward process designed to make things easy for you.

Our Samples as a Service is more than just a program—it’s your pathway to success, simplified. With Softline Brand Partners by your side, the journey from concept to creation is designed to be effortless and empowering. Let’s make your product dreams a tangible reality together.

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