Research & Design

Our team of design professionals and industry veterans will guide you through the design and development process of your product. We manage the research challenges and offer innovative solutions based on our past experiences. We can build from scratch or manage from your specifications, and we will work to ensure the project will be successful.

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Size and scale leads to best pricing. We are a large purchaser of raw goods, both domestic and abroad, which allows us to achieve superior pricing and flexibility when selecting your materials. We go direct to mills, tanneries, hardware suppliers, weavers, knitters, and other textile material factories.

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Cut and Sew Manufacturing

We provide domestic and overseas cut and sew manufacturing in our plants in the Midwest and East coast United states, China, Mexico, India, Vietnam, Europe, and Central America. We provide full-service contract manufacturing for Fortune 500 companies, designers, and startups.

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As part our full-service, vertically integrated model we have the ability to offer fulfillment and logistics services to our partners. Our experience allows us to handle varying levels of requirement depending on your companies needs while managing the challenges of shipping and importing goods.

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