We are a Premium Homegoods and Furniture Manufacturer.


Softline Brand Partners has combined our textile industry experience with close vendor partnerships to expand our capabilities as a full-service furniture manufacturer. We manage design, production, assembly, and logistics while utilizing our network of vendors. Softline manufactures all types of furniture and furniture components. Some examples of our past work are large leather panels for chairs, wooden stools, benches, and leather handles. Read our Case Studies and Customer Testimonials for more information on our past experiences.

Home Decor

Softline also manufactures high and low volume home decor products including the following: pillows, blankets, valet trays, baskets, bins, totes, wood carriers, placemats, coasters, and cowhide rugs.

Tell us about your home decor needs. Our designers will work with your team to bring your project to life or create new goods to expand your product line. Softline’s Account and Project Managers will work with you from sourcing through delivery and after to ensure your team receives the service and support they deserve.

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We are a trusted manufacturer for some of the world's most iconic companies:

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We have manufacturing facilities in the US and overseas ready to bring your next project to life.

Working with Softline

We provide a full-time account executive who keeps you informed about all happenings, from sample to production. Working one-on-one with your account executive allows you to stay informed and build a relationship with us in a meaningful way.

Sourcing Premium Raw Goods

Size and scale leads to best pricing. We are one of the largest purchasers of raw goods, both domestic and abroad, which allows us to achieve superior pricing and flexibility when selecting raw goods.

Quality & Assurance

In order to monitor quality, Softline is one of the few factories that actually has a full inspection phase and multi-stage QA built into the production cycle. Every step of the manufacturing process is inspected by a floor manager and a final evaluation is completed prior to your pick, pack, and shipment.

We are proud of our work, check it out for yourself:


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