Softline Brand Partners Expands Capabilities with Acquisition of Daylight Factory in Detroit, Michigan

Softline Brand Partners Expand Capabilities with Acquisition of Daylight Factory in Detroit, Michigan

Minneapolis, MN – Softline Brand Partners, a leading manufacturing company, is thrilled to announce its acquisition of Daylight Factory, a prominent high-end manufacturer based in Detroit, serving designers and brands, including but not limited to Ghurka and Tandy Leather. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in Softline Brand Partners’ expansion plans and strengthens its position as a leader in the industry.

Daylight Factory has built a strong reputation for its innovative sampling approach, automated cutting equipment, and production.

The acquisition of Daylight Factory aligns perfectly with Softline Brand Partners’ growth strategy, leveraging the synergies between the two organizations. By combining Softline Brand Partners’ extensive global reach and resources with Daylight Factory’s sampling and development, the partnership aims to deliver greater value to clients and expand their market presence.

“We are excited to welcome Daylight Factory into the Softline Brand Partners’ family,” said Adam Blitzer, CEO of Softline Brand Partners. “Their exceptional creative capabilities and deep understanding of automated cutting equipment complement our existing strengths and enable us to offer our clients more comprehensive and impactful solutions.”

Clients can expect a seamless transition and an enhanced suite of services as Daylight Factory integrates with Softline Brand Partners’ resources.

“I am excited to fit into such a strong organization and access their well-developed infrastructure and partnerships. I am also excited to leverage my background in education and work with the staff to create an even stronger base of skills,” said Darrin Brouhard, Founder and Creative Director of Daylight Factory.

Prior to opening Daylight factory, Darrin was a Senior Pattern and Sample Maker at Shinola and an adjunct professor at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.

The acquisition of Daylight Factory is a testament to Softline Brand Partners’ commitment to growth and innovation in the manufacturing industry.

About Softline Brand Partners: Softline Brand Partners is a leader in soft goods manufacturing. Softline offers flexibility and scalability with domestic and overseas factories, benefitting companies of all sizes seeking cut and sew. Softline Brand Partners empowers organizations to build strong, meaningful connections.

About Daylight Factory: Daylight Factory is a sampling and cut and sew operation based in Detroit, specializing in design, development, sampling, and production. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, Daylight Factory has established itself as a trusted partner for local and national clients.

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