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Softline Brand Partners understands the lifestyle experience you are providing your customers. We can help you create a catalog of products that fit your brand and message.

We have been manufacturing products for Subscription Box companies for close to 5 years. Beyond what you send to your customers on a monthly basis, we can provide premium products that will serve as inventory for your e-commerce store.

We know budgets are important to successful a subscription business and can help you make beautiful products while hitting price targets. Our marketing team can also provide buzz worthy content around the pieces we make. An account manager will keep you updated throughout the entire process.

Our goal is to be the partner you turn to when you need a product made well and produced quickly. We will help you add the personal touch to your boxes that your customers are looking for.

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subscription box manufacturing

We are a trusted manufacturer for some of the world's most iconic companies:

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Quick Turnarounds

Softline works quickly and can move from ideation to manufacturing in short order, often turning out full production runs in a few weeks. We can typically sample within 2-3 business days. In your industry, trends move quickly and Softline will help you beat your competitors by offering the products that are being asked for in real time.


If a product becomes a success, we can typically replenish your supply before you run out. With a micro line making as few as 100 units to a series of high volume lines making millions of units, we can serve all volumes.

Wide Variety

We manufacture a wide variety of goods: from metal objects to all-leather handbags and everything in-between. Our factories will meet your exact specification and our project managers will ensure the quality meets your standards.

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